Carlos Bechegas - Michel Edelin

"...L'ensemble est varié et bigarré, vif et inventif ... Une superbe complémentarité."

IMPROJAZZ"(...) Ce à quoi nous assistons ici, c'est l'immédiate complicité de deux partenaires. Telle qu'elle est, cette rencontre(...)brille par une spontanéité qui ne manque ni d'humour ni de profondeur. Bechegas et Edelin parlent le même langage et leur fertile terrain d'entente nous laisse espérer que d'autres graines y pousseront."

" ... (Bechegas) takes his instrument into lands of fearful beauty, mouthing out any number of prodigious tones as his improvisations expand and contract
France's Edelin shows a slightly different persona; he uses the wide array of flutes to establish shades and colors over which Bechegas can throw buckets of brilliant paint. Edelin injects a pulsating ythmic pattern with the little flutes, creating a droning platform from which Bechegas leaps into sonic no man's land. Yet Edelin often becomes a force of his own, using countless techniques to create unusual multicolored patterns
Whether bantering on equal ground, as on " Dark Fireworks, "or seeking alternate avenues for commanding rapt attention, these two musicians score brilliantly in the creativity game. No other instruments are needed to win this contest.
Frank Rubolino