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“And Tosca came along”
( Charlotte Productions-CP 200)
Round about Puccini’s opera
Michel Edelin (fl, afl,bfl) Jacques Di Donato (cl, bcl, sop sax)
François Couturier (p)François Méchali (b)Daniel Humair (dms)
JAZZMAN Four stars ****
(among the best records of the month)
“...and always this crazy freedom of every moment, of every note. Let us admit it quite net, the emotion which get free gains us...With this recording, all the dreams are allowed.” .
“...Great class !” .
JAZZ MAGAZINE ( framed) “...The quality of the musicians makes all the price of this music which offers magnifics moments...”
“Michel Edelin is a composer and an important instrumentalist of jazz in France...What a quintet ! A little number of soloïsts can dream better today...”
IMPROJAZZ : "... An album all the more fascinating as one listens it compared to the opera. Reading of the opera and questioning of the jazz or the opposite... The beauty is as much in this dizziness as in the mastery without defect of the musicians. "
JAZZ HOT “...it’s magnificient !...” .
REPÈRES “Two popular music join two kinds of timeless creations are connected by the bridge of universality...Beyond this link, one can appreciate all potentiality of the flute in the world of jazz...Michel Edelin comes to glorify this sound, which one would have been able to consider scraggy, but which imposes itself upon the final with magnificence...” .
LES DERNIÈRES NOUVELLES D’ALSACE “..And then,this mudic takes you by the hand...eyes open on a surprising musical horizon, charming...”
L’ALSACE “Charmingly iconoclast an jolly collidring...the happiness is in the quintet . All lights of the jazz ars switched on there under fingers of five exceptional musicians...”
LE PROGRÈS “...one evening of real happiness...one moment of freedom, an always fascinating music by five.”
LE DAUPHINÉ LIBÉRÉ “A journey in the heart of the invention and of the talent...fabulous team...”
LA TERRASSE “The flute player Michel Edelin is one of the most hardened and respected defender of this instrument on the stage of french jazz. The current quintet gathers around him musicians square of high beating...”

Michel EDELIN (flutes)François MÉCHALI (double bass)

“ ...a freedom, an enjoyment to surprise who communicates himself in a generous graduation...the simple pleasure reigns. “
LE MONDE “Edelin has just recorded with François Méchali the very sensitiveSong of Dionysies”
JAZZMANA tremendous duet with a true stylist of the flute and a bass which never plays backgrounds...”
Magnificent discographic novelty...double event : a constant delight for the amateur of bass and for the flute a revelation : it has there an Edelin style which is henceforth carried on the credit of his owner...” t
“ A very inspired dialogue
JAZZ MAGAZINE "Their art of dialogue is divulged with an exceptional pertinence which aims at what is the most important without bluffing at all.”.
RÉPERTOIREWe like a lot..Footprints ‘s magnificent version of the very successful personnal compositions.”
IMPROJAZZA freedom of movement which make the price of this cd. Let consum it without moderation”
“Sharpness...emotion....violence...no time to feel dull !”
About Europa Jazz Festival Le Mans with Phil Minton (guest)
They made us live a rare moment...”
“Being supposed to be been bosses in the art of the improvisation and the dialogue, both musicians prove their virtuosity solo as in duet. A baroque and bewitched journey in a century of contemporary music, Miles ,Ornette, Monk , Bartok...”

"Déblocage d'émergence"
Jacques Di Donato (cls, sop sax) Jean-Jacques Avenel (double bass) Simon Goubert (dms)

CADENCE (U.S.A.)”...accomplished European improvisers...A genuily rewardin g session, “Déblocage d’émergence” is definitely worth seeking out.”
"... Formidable of invention and intelligence... "
"... One rediscovers an ingenious flutist, unbridled.who makes a triumph in quartet perfectly built.. "
"... Michel Edelin reinvents the truth of the Jazz.. "" (. M.E) signs here one of his most convincing albums."
"... New miracle on behalf of Michel Edelin... "
"... Stunning of intensity and invention... "
".. The “elite” of the French musicians... Please , run to listen them... "

"OPEN FRONTIERS" with Carlos BECHEGAS (flutes)

"...Whole is diversified and variegated, alert and incisive ...A superb complementarity."

"...immediate complcity of both partners...spontaneity with humor and deepness. Bechegas and Edelin speak the same language."

"...(Bechegas) takes his instrument into lands of fearful beauty, mouthing out any number of prodigious tones as his improvisations expand and contract
France's Edelin shows a slightly different persona; he uses the wide array of flutes to establish shades and colors over which Bechegas can throw buckets of brilliant paint. Edelin injects a pulsating ythmic pattern with the little flutes, creating a droning platform from which Bechegas leaps into sonic no man's land. Yet Edelin often becomes a force of his own, using countless techniques to create unusual multicolored patterns
Whether bantering on equal ground, as on " Dark Fireworks, "or seeking alternate avenues for commanding rapt attention, these two musicians score brilliantly in the creativity game. No other instruments are needed to win this contest."
Frank Rubolino

Jean-Jacques AVENEL "WARABA"Jean-Jacques Avenel (contrebasse, kora, leader) Lansiné Kouyaté (bala) Yakhouba Sissokho (kora) Moriba Koïta (n'goni) Michel Edelin (flutes). DSD Songlines recordings 1549 .
Songlines 1549
* * * *
"Sensitive to Manding esthetics from years of playing kora, Avenel develops the melodies with strums and trills, finding spot-on pitch equivalents to the traditional instruments and always sustaining a lustrous, resonant tone. There isn’t much harmonic content, though, and the songs develop at a leisurely pace, in the African manner, not so much resolving as coming to a stop" Ted Panken DOWNBEAT

Waraba is breathtaking, masterfully inventive, and unpretentious stuff. Mind-blowing, really, whatever your musical background.(Nils Jacobson –ALL ABOUT JAZZ)