C flute, alto flute, bass flute

"A A-MA-ZING flutist, one of our best flutists, the best inspired" Télérama
"... Michel Edelin reinvents the truth of Jazz ..." Jazz Magazine
"Michel Edelin is a composer and an important instrumentalist of jazz in France"
"Ingenious, unbridled flutist ... a perfectly constructed quartet " Le Monde

Mentionned in "The Dictionary of the Jazz" (Laffond) he is recognized in "The Great Creators of Jazz" (Bordas) as an authentic one specialist of the flute jazz.
He is among the four flute players quoted by a Jazz Hot prize list (with Dave Valentin,James Moody and Sonny Fortune)
"Exclusicve" flutist of initial training self-taught , he gainss several soloist's price. He begins by interpreting Monk, Coltrane, Mingus, Miles Davis…and stays, as Jeremy Steig , Roland Kirk or Eric Dolphy among those are situated that make of the flute a mean of original but separated expression, by pushing aside it from its image of secondary instrument in stereotypical mind.

Flute player in "Triode" , leader in "Flutes Rencontre" (Flute Meeting). Two groups and two records (whom he writes the main part of the music) which open him the doors of concerts and international festivals.
He forms then jazz quartets to which join Andy Emler, Mico Nissim, François Couturier (p) François Méchali (b) Peter Gritz, F. Verly, Fredy Studer dms)…
Michel Edelin and François Mechali form a nonet with part of the best soloists in France and Europe ( Michel Godard, Tony Lakatos, Yosko Seiffer, Maurice Magnoni, …etc) playing the compositions of both leaders.

1990 - 1992
He plays with Byard Lancaster and he is special guest of the quintet of american flutist Dave Valentin ( Montreux, Vienne..etc)
He is a part of Jerome Bourdellon 's "Flute Europe Express" with Jiri Stivin and Barry Altschul

He write the music , the lyrics and the notebook of "Ze Blue Note" , jazz -opera for quintet and children choir (Evian's International Meeting booked by M.Rostropovitch, Bouffe du Nord Theatre in Paris…etc
The record is distingued as the "blow of heart " of the year by Télérama.
He creates a quartet dedicated to Monk with Alain Jean-Marie (p) Simon Goubert( dms) and F. Méchali.

1993 - 1997
Record with Daniel Humair (dms) Jacques Di Donato (cl, bcl, sop sax) François Couturier(p) F. Méchali(b) " Round about Les Parapluies de Cherbourg"…round about Michel Legrand music movie.

He creates a new Jazz quartet for AA Records with Jacques Di Donato (sop sax, cl) Jean-Jacques Avenel (b) and Simon Goubert (dms).
Cd live at Le Petit faucheux : "Déblocage d'émergence" (AA Records)

"Sons d'Hiver " Festival : Creation of a music performance with a jazz quintet and sixty children around ways of improvisations.

1998 - 1999
Creation of " And Tosca came along…" Round about Puccini's opera ( Di Donato, Couturier, Méchali, Humair)

He plays with Larry Schneider (ts) , Adam Neussbaum (dms) François Laizeau (dms) for a " Carte Blanche to François Méchali" at La Seyne International Fest.

2000- 2003
Recording of "Le Chant des Dionysies" , duet with François Méchali. (Charlotte Prod)
Recording of "Et la Tosca passa.." ("And Tosca came along") by Michel Edelin 5tet , round about Puccini opera. Charlotte Prod
Special project : duet + Phil Minton as guest in " Europa Jazz Fest. Le Mans.
Concerts with Chris Hayward (fls), Philippe Deschepper (g) and J J Avenel (b)
Duet with Bénédicte Alexandre-Gil : improvisations round about baroque and present day music.

Creation of " Words Song ". With André Minvielle (vocal, perc) Jacques Di Donato ( cls, perc) François Couturier (p) François Méchali (b)

4tet with "Magic" Malik MEZZADRI as special guest(fl) Sophia DOMANCICH (p) Jean-Jacques AVENEL (b)

Duet with Chris Hayward ( flutes, perc, machines) impros round about machines grooves

Composition for CAMARGO Company ( choregraphy : Dominique REBAUD). Music recorded by Steve POTTS (asx, sopsax) Thomas SAVY ( tsax, bcl, cl), Daniel CASIMIR (tb) Chris HAYWARD ( perc, afl, Cfl) Jean-Jacques AVENEL (double bass, kora).

For Anne Montaron broadcasting "A l'Improviste" ( Sudio 106 Radio France,France Musique): Jean-Luc CAPPOZZO (tp, bg), Came lZÉKRI (g, synth) François MÉCHALI (double bass)

- Creation of NEW QUINTET with Steve LEHMAN (alto sax -USA) Thomas SAVY (bass clar) Jean-Jacques AVENEL ( double bass) Simon GOUBERT (dms). Flute, alto sax, bass clarinet : Eric DOLPHY's instruments.

Today Flutes International Meeting ( Duet with Carlos BECHEGAS and workshop)

- TRIO with Jean-Jacques AVENEL (double bass) & John BETSCH (drums)

FLUTE MACHINE ORCHESTRA et DANCE & MOVIE UNIT ( Chris HAYWARD- flûtes, percussions, Olivier SENS - ordinateur, Olga PLAZA -danse contemporaine, Muriel HABRARD video interactive).

Festival"Jazz à Vienne" with Steve POTTS Quintet (Sophia DOMANCICH, Bruno ROUSSELET, Simon GOUBERT)

Festival "Jazz à Porquerolles" Homage to Siegfried KESSLER (with Archie SHEPP, Michel MARRE, André MINVIELLE, Jean-Jacques AVENEL, Simon GOUBERT ...etc) et WARABA ( JJ AVENEL, Amada CONDÉ, Ibrahim SOUMALOU)

Sunside American Jazz Festival "Homage to John COLTRANE" with Ronnie Lynn PATTERSON quartet (Stéphane KERECKI, Jeff BOUDREAUX)

Festival"Labeaume en Musiques" ( classical music festival) "And Tosca came along ..." (Jacques DI DONATO , Daniel HUMAIR , François MECHALI , François COUTURIER )

"Guirlandophone", guest of Serge de LAUBIER (méta-instrument)

First show of "Flute Machine Orchestra " with Chris HAYWARD (fl,perc) Olivier SENS (comuter)Muriel HABRARD (vidéo) Olga PLAZA ( dance).

Five international summer festival with " trio Edelin-Avenel-Betsch", quartet "Déblocage d'émergence", Quintet "Et la Tosca passa", Steve Potts " New Institute of advanced Harmony".

2009 - Issue of "KUNTU" Rogueart rec.
with Steve LEHMAN (alto sax, USA) JJ AVENEL (double bass, F) John BETSCH ( drums) USA/F)
Featuring in "Les eaux en partage" "Extension de la NoteFestival"(with David Jisse, Eric Groleau, Thierry Balasse, Wifried Wendling.
Festivals : Uzeste Musical, Montpellier Radio France.
Concert with BARRE PHILIPS(b) and Philippe DESCHEPPER (g).

2010 - "Sons d'Hiver Festival" (Paris) Trio Kuntu ( JJ Avenel, John Betsch) + guests (NICOLE MITCHELL, flutes, AACM, Chicago and STEVE LEHMAN, alto sax, New York City).
Europa Jazz Festival Le Mans: "Ze Blue Note" opera by Michel Edelin and Charlotte Dubreuil for jazz quintet and children and tennagers choir (Les Imaginaires, Cyril Mudry conductor)

Live recording witn Steve POTTS QUINTET (Steve Potts- a sax and sop sax- Sophia Domancich-piano- JJ Avenel-double bass-Simon Goubert-dms)

2011 - 2012. New performances of "Ze Blue Note", opera-theatre for jazz quintet and children choir by Michel Edelin.

Recording of the second album of Michel Edelin Quartet "RESURGENCE"for Rogueart label. Jacques Di Donato (sop sax, cl, bcl) Jean-Jacques Avenel (b) and Simon Goubert (dms) .

"Special guest" of INDIGO TRIO at JAZZ À JUNAS Festival.
Issue of INDIGO TRIO-MICHEL EDELIN :"The Ethiopian Princess Meets The Tantric Priest" ( Nicole MITCHELL fls, Harrison BANKHEAD b, Hamid DRAKE dms, Chicago, USA). Rogueart - ROG-0034

2013 - Issue of Michel Edelin Quartet "Resurgence" (Rogueart label).
w group "FLUTE FEVER" with Sylvaine HÉLARY (flutes) Ludivine ISSAMBOURG (flute) Peter GIRON (double bass) John BETSCH (drums).

2014 : "Voices for a Blue Note" oratorio jazz for jazz group, children choir and singer.Text, lyrics and music by Michel Edelin.

Steve SWELL (tb, USA) guest of Michel Edelin Quartet (Di Donato, Goubert, Kerecki) at Sons d'Hiver Festival and in duo at "The Loft" Rogueart.

"Spotlight on Frebch Jazz" at Vancouver International Jazz Festival (Canada) with Tomeka REID (cello), Clyde REED (double bass) Dylan van der SCHYFF (drums)

2015 . "FLUTE FEVER ORCHESTRA" + Nicole MITCHELL (flutes USA), special guest.
"SNARK/" duo with Franca CUOMO (voice)

2016: New realise double album CD1 "KALAMANIA" Quintet "FLUTE FEVER ORCHESTRA" + Nicole Mitchell special guest
CD2 "DOMUS" Michl Edelin solo
"FLUTE MACHINE" with Olivier SENS ( electro) Jazz Campus en Clunisois festival

2017 : Big Band FUTURA EXPERIENCE créated by Gérard Terronès and Jean-François Pauvros.
Recording duet "PENINSULA" with Jérôme BOURDELLON ( flutes)

2018 : Recording as sideman in Simon Goubert's "On Verra... " and "Futura Experience".
Creation and recording "ECHOES OF HENRY COW" Label Rogueart with Sophia Domancich,Sylvain Kassap, Stéphane Kérecki, Simon Goubert and featuring John Greaves

2019 : Issue of "Echoes of Henry Cow" (Rogueart label).
Issue of "7 février" in "Les Allumés du Jazz"

Featuring :
Plays with WARABA ( jazz and african music) : Jean-Jacques Avenel, (bass, leader) Yakhouba Sissokho,(kora) Lansine Kouyate (balafon)
Record : "Waraba" Songlines Rec ( featuring Moriba Koïta, n'goni).
Guest in Steve Potts units
Recording with Carlos Bechegas (fls, Portugal) : " Open Frontiers " Forwards Rec .
Featuring in "Futura Experience " (Razul Siddik, Alexandra Grimal, Sophie Alour, Sophia Domancich, Leila Martial, JF Pauvros ... and guests)

At the same time, Michel Edelin conceived and realized several performances gathering children and professional musicians (Festival "Sons d'Hiver", Faches Thumesnil "Jazz at school" etc.)
Master classes about improvisation in various music schools in France

Among the International Festivals:

Vancouver International Jazz Festival ("Spotlight on French Jazz") Montreux (CH), Lausanne Onze Plus (CH), Another Jazz Neuchatel (CH),"Like a Jazz Machine" (Dudelange, Luxembourg),Vienna (F), Paris La Villette, Europa Jazz Festival Le Mans, La Défense Jazz Festival, Nevers International Meetings, Banlieues Bleues, Sons d'HIver, Jazz sous le Pommiers (Coutances) , Nancy Jazz Pulsations Montpellier Radio France, Uzeste Musical, Notes à Belle-Ile, Jazz au fil de l'eau (Parthenay), Jazz en Franche County, Jazz sur Lie, Charlie Free (Vitrolles), Orleans Jazz, Uzeste Musical, Nimes Jazz Festival, La Seyne sur Mer, Jazz à Porquerolles, Jazz en Franche Comte, Mulhouse Meteo, Jazz enNord Tourcoing, Jazz à Junas, Atlantique Jazz Festival (Brest)...etc.

"He explores the meanders of jazz to chart his own path. It crosses here the avenues of the repertory, there, the side roads where are scattered all the audacities. Further still is the infinity of modal digressions. But always woven of energy and nuance, its course remains eminently musical. Bet constantly replayed and so often won by the one who will make you say flute! without spite, bitterness or remorse, but by simple expression of pleasure "
Jazz Musicians from France - Xavier Prévost